FilaMaker shredders are high quality universal tools, which you can use for many shredding purposes.You can shred your failed prints, electronic waste, food remains and lot more.

You can choice from many versions the right one for you. All parts are easy changeable or upgradable so that you don't need to buy new device when new shredding challenge come.


I am proudly present to you the smallest industrial extruder on world.

FilaMaker extruder use 3 zones like a industrial extruder and is powered with high torque electric drive to ensure consistent output.

The whole device is driven with Arduino and works with any thermoplastic.At the same point it is the most silent extruder you can get.


FilaMaker accessory is light to use and it is not limited only on FilaMaker system.

You can use any FilaMaker accessory with any extruder on market.

You can find here all accessories and spare parts to upgrade your NOT FilaMaker extruders.